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Rugs are on trend this year with all shapes and sizes being sought to make that ‘statement’ in a room. Nouwens Carpets’ new rug app launched in February 2017 on Google’s Playstore and iTunes speaks to the rug movement by allowing customers to browse their existing popular shelf ranges online from their computers or phones while also enabling them to create their rugs according to their preference.

Nouwens Carpets’ passion and history for creating beautiful, quality products and keeping abreast of the latest trends in flooring is their calling card. And now the well-known and established South African brand is showing its mettle in following digital trends as well. Nouwens Carpets Chairman, Oscar Grobler said, “Digital technology is increasing people’s appetite for quick and reliable service. This app will save our customers time and even add value to interior designers who are assisting clients with redecorating their homes. Although there is still a growing trend and preference for installing hard floor surfaces, there is still a demand for the comfort of a textile floorcovering in the form of loose rugs that will be placed in key areas within people’s homes. Furthermore, people who previously were not been able to afford the quality of a Nouwens carpet from wall to wall in their homes can enjoy the luxury of our carpets in rug form.”

Customers can choose from an existing and extensive range of Nouwens off-the-shelf carpets and will be able to have their rug over-locked in a yarn colour of their choice or a fabric, or even select leather binding as an option. Once the customer has made their selection and payment securely online, the rugs will either be delivered to their home or to their nearest Top Carpets outlet allowing them to collect the rug at their convenience. The app is available for download online from the Playstore and iTunes at no additional cost.

The idea to create the revolutionary app arose when the Nouwens management team visited two widely acclaimed flooring exhibitions in the U.S. and Germany. “This is where we noticed the growing popularity of consumers purchasing online and a gap in the South African market to design an app that will appeal to a portion of this market,” said Grobler.

The Nouwens brand conducted a full six months’ investigation into the South African market and discovered that to date there is currently no other manufacturing company in soft flooring that offers this service or similar to the end consumer.

“The app’s benefits are two-fold. Firstly, it will give us insight and understanding into our customers’ choices and preferences. Secondly, it will enhance their buying experience by saving them time and giving them a chance to customize rugs to suit their homes without compromising on the style and quality synonymous with the Nouwens brand,” Grobler concluded.

Download the “Nouwens Rugs” app from the Google’s Playstore or iTunes for free!